Customization for Your Security Needs

Gates and fences are not one-size fits all, which is why Penco Access Control provides customized solutions specific to your security and protection goals. 
To make sure your property has the proper gate or fence, our expert installers make a full assessment of your property, taking care to note specific vulnerabilities so we design and fabricate the right fit.

Our Services Include…

Consultation and Inspection

89.95 diagnostics fee to evaluate the automatic gate system or access control. (Depending on location)

Diagnostics fee will be waived if services and repairs are approved on site and will only be charged for material and labor. 

Inspection will be to make sure everything is operating to its proper potential.

Installation of custom doors, and fences

Our installation team will arrive and cone off the work area.

We will walk the installation site with the customer before installation. 

Install the project material and cleanup workspace and inspect with the customer.

Fabrication of custom doors and fences

All raw material is picked up locally from our distributors

All fabrication is done in house by our welding team. 

We have the option to paint in house with our industrial oil base paint or powder coat paint.

Maintenance and Repair

We offer quarterly maintenance for all type of gate systems.

We repair all kinds of fences, gates, and automatic gate openers. 

We will recommend any upgrades on hardware as we visit for maintenance.

Emergency Calls

Emergency calls are for our customers after hours that have gates stuck close and are not able to leave a property. We will open the gate at that time and return on the next business day to evaluate the gate system.

What our customers have to say

Penco Access Control only uses the highest quality products.

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